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ERP Training & Solutions has the capability and capacity to train the delegates from other companies at its own training venue. If an organization does not have the appropriate location or place for the training, they can always opt for off-site training which will take away the worries of arranging training rooms, stationary and other overheads.



Getting your employees trained at a different location is not always an expensive option if compared with arranging the resources to conduct the training. This option can be best suitable for companies who would like to outsource the hurdles and focus on getting employees the necessary training.

Off-Site Training Offers

  • Hassle free training delivery, as delegates can come attend the training at our venue
  • We can also arrange accommodation for the trainees if requested by the client
  • Training delivery according to the curriculum agreed
  • Comfortable and state of the art training facilities

Benefits of offsite

  • No hassle of overheads
  • Smooth delivery of training as per your requirements
  • A complete professional training environment
  • Daily feedback from trainees in order to assure the quality of the training

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Software Consulting
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ERP Training offers bespoke, cost-effective and flexible options.
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Support Services
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