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Production Management

WYS ERP’s Production management control the entire Production planning and scheduling process and minimize job costs. Production system helps to capture the total cost of manufacturing including material, labor, overhead, and outside processes. Create production orders from previous revisions and alternate bills of material.

Feasibility of production is evaluated using details like raw material availability and procurement time, machine availability and capacity

Definition of BOM for all products up to any number of levels. Planning based on customer wise production advice and sales forecast. MRP based on machine capacity and availability, machine efficiency, raw material availability, lead time – giving feasible quantity for production.

Production Management

Production Planning helps an organization plan production with the optimum utilization of all available resources. A production schedule is generated for all machines where the scheduling is done in an optimized fashion based on the priorities of production

WYS ERP includes workstation, machine operations and routing / sequencing concept in the production module.



Critical Materials

  • View production order shortages.
  • Create purchase orders and production orders for the parts that are short from a single screen.

Labor Tracking

  • Capture direct production labor to production orders by employee.
  • Enter and track non-production time using indirect codes.

Event Audit Trail

  • Trace all production activities (events) against a production order including description, date and time, and the ID of the user.

Linking to other modules

  • Production planning and control is a highly integrated executable module.
  • It receives details of product structure and needed operations along with costing detail from BOM.
  • The inventory module deals with issue of goods to production orders and quality management checks the quality of goods produced.

Production order control

  • All aspects of production order are supported under various environment like repetitive and job shop manufacturing and assembly line sequencing.
  • User can transfer planned order and record status of the order such as planned, released, active and completed. Material, working hour, start and end date are estimated by BOM while executing the order.

Production order planning

  • This functionality helps in changing or rescheduling operation of a production order with reference to change of operations, Operations sequence, order sequence (dates and scheduling on a work center), content of the order (reference dates) - for re-planning the order, changing material belonging to the order (estimated materials)

Key Benefits

  • Monitor wastage, productivity, capacity utilization and efficiency
  • Records consumption and generation of grinding of rejection & blow pinch-off
  • Machine production efficiency, operator productivity, machine breakdown, production quality reports and alerts
Company Management
  • Production Processes cover all operations and their all type of define activities
  • Use manufacturing operations management software to capture total manufacturing costs, including material, labor, machine, tool, overhead, and outside processes.
  • Rejection management / scrap management

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