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We provide detailed consulting services for both existing customers and prospective customers. In performing a needs analysis and review of business processes, our team understand complex and unique business processes and requirements. This consulting engagement is performed prior to the initial sale, or when our customer wishes to automate a new component of their business, learn about new opportunities and features or find new ways to grow.

For prospective customers, our in-house Business Analysts and Consultants will work with you to help you make the best software selection for your business.  This involves a discussion around: The current processes of your business, Business requirements and existing feature requirements and Potential opportunities for improvement and company growth.

The consultation process involves a consultant from us and an individual or group of people from your company jointly reviewing your business processes. In doing so, the consultant can compare business needs with software capabilities and existing procedures and to create a detailed report, which explains both the requirements and how they can be met.

This report is provided to the customer and includes details from the consulting process, so that it may be used as a basis for determining possible solutions and estimated costs. The purpose of this detailed report is for your team to review.  It helps to ensure that we have a good understanding of your needs before continuing through the process.

Our main objective is to help our clients determine and accommodate the training needs of their employees, and as a partner achieving the goals and performance they require. It is a vital stage where we make sure to get the right fit between our client and us so that you are working with the trainer who understands the requirements and outcome of the training.


  • Identify, clarify and fully understand the training needs and expectations
  • Developing the right solution that meets the outcomes you need
  • Build an open and trusting relationship
Company Management
  • Having more than a decade experience in delivering corporate training, we combine traditional and innovative approaches in delivery of the training which suits your organization and budget.
  • In order to provide the best service, we include the quality assurance as part of the delivery design ensuring that you approve each stage. Once the requirements are agreed and signed off then we work towards training.