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Foreign Owned

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have proved effective in streamlining business processes in many highly urbanized countries. Enhancements brought to organizations like private institutions and governments are significant and delivering better customer service. By integrating data systems from various departments and subsections of an organization, ERP systems save money and improve decision-making time.

Foreign Owned

The benefits of ERP implementation are readily apparent in most developed countries, even though it’s not without its own challenges. For developing countries, however, those challenges appear steeper by comparison.



A Partner, Not Just a Supplier

  • Considering specific situations that could occur and research how your envisaged supplier will deal.
  • We help you to deal with different area for business or also provides local partner network.
  • We also provide you with needed assistance and consistent follow-up.
  • Whenever changes required or any critical situation, we provide you with quick and effective decisions.

Think Beyond Transactions

  • Organization can handle numerous processes including orders, invoices and payments in addition to transactions with WYS ERP.
  • Considers CRM, HR, project support and service management.
  • This provides extra depth to any overview of your company, improved insight into customer activities, accurate monitoring of processes which aren’t related to transactions and more effective information exchange between all involved: customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues.

All locations in a single system

  • Strong interaction between data throughout the organization provides control and insight by ultimately saving time and money.
  • Companies that want to act internationally we help them achieve how their own software and applications can be applied to foreign branches and locations.
  • That’s the only way to unify business processes, to harmonize master data and to reduce lead and delivery times of products and goods.

Key Benefits

  • Compounding the challenge for developing countries is a set of factors unique to their setting. The most prominent of these key challenges is the inherent design of ERP systems as a product catering to audiences.
  • WYS ERP system is embedded to provide better capabilities and flexibility in adapting to changes for companies from anywhere.
  • WYS ERP solution supports developing organization with relatively new enterprises, tackling changes that come with ERP.
Foreign Owned
  • WYS supports modular wise system data update through available spreadsheet data with organized structure eliminating all paper work and relative errors
  • WYS ERP provides simplified version for business need
  • Proposing increased efficiency in an organization’s work processes, an IT approach is bound to reduce interest due to the perceived complications it brings in terms of usability, features, etc.

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